Thursday, August 24, 2006

Getting started in Toronto

After clearing customs, I picked up my rental car and headed to the movers. They gave me some paperwork to take to the Customs office nearby. When I arrived, the lady had all kinds of questions and requested proof that my goods were originally from Canada. She told me that my shipment had to be inspected and that it would help if I could find bills for the furniture. Frustrated but in control of my emotions, I thanked the lady and called my parents to find out if they had the receipts. I then cancelled the movers and the elevator reservations for the next day. I then met with the daughter of the landlord, who gave me the keys to my new apartment. That night, I had dinner with Jon and then slept on his couch. The next morning, I called my contact at Customs to confirm that she had received the documents my organized parents had sent her. She had, and was impressed by how much we were able to find. About 10 minutes later, she called me back to let me know that my stuff was released from customs and that I could take possession of it. I went back to Brampton to sort out the paperwork, before dropping by Renzo’s place to chat a bit. In the afternoon, I went shoe shopping, something I absolutely hate to do. I ended up buying 3 pairs, as well as a few other things for the apartment. I then visited Jon’s work and then went to Meaghan’s neighbours for a BBQ and pool party.

The next day, the movers delivered my stuff and I spent most of the day and evening sorting out the apartment. I had dinner at Kelsey’s with Jon, and then purchased a 32 inch LCD screen and a PS2 at Futureshop. On Saturday, I drove up to Greg’s cottage and we spent the day outside, playing Frisbee and swimming in the shallow lake.

I accepted to start work early, so my first day will be August 28th, which is next Monday.

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